What is the average penis size in Singapore, and what you can do about it?


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What is the average penis size in Singapore, and what you can do about it?
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Want to know what is the average penis size in Singapore?

Singaporean men always wonder what the average penis size in Singapore among their peers is.

A related question also happens to be whether a bigger penis improves sex, and how they can improve it.

We went to do some research and here’s what we found.

The average penis size in the world is 13.12cm (5.17 inches) long when erect[1].

and the average penis size in Singapore (erect penile length)? 11.53cm (4.53 inches) [2, 3]

Penis enlargement methods

A man can make his penis large by several techniques and procedures. Some of these techniques are:

  • TRACTION DEVICES – Hailed as one of the oldest methods, people have been hanging weight off their “dongs” for centuries. Surprisingly, according to some research, penile extenders can increase the penile length [4]. Now, there are less uncomfortable ways such as vacuum-pumps or gradual mechanical traction devices. Still, it’s a lot to go through just for a bit more length.
  • VACUUM DEVICES – These devices create a vacuum around the penis and increase blood flow. This method is actually a treatment for erectile dysfunction and can also increase the penile size.
  • PENILE ENLARGEMENT SURGERY – Ouch, but some men are willing to go to the extremes. Penile implant surgery is a procedure used to treat severe erectile dysfunction that is not responding to medical therapy. This is a procedure in which the surgeon places an implant in the shaft of the penis [5]. When you need the tool to work, there is a pump installed in the scrotum that is used to inflate the prosthesis.
  • HERBAL MEDICINES – Numerous products such as Tongkat Ali or Maca are myths that claims to increase the penis size. However, there is no scientific evidence for such claims, and can be in fact dangerous as some of these products (especially when buying online) can contain adulterated substances.
  • PDE-5 INHIBITORS – These agents are used to deal with erectile dysfunction. Since the penis is harder than usual, it appears to be longer.

What matters? Your ability to sustain a good erection

Men will go to lengths to extend their penile dimensions, if you’d excuse the pun.

Let’s start with basics first.

The sexual satisfaction that you are having with your partner depends on your ability to maintain a quality erection.

The more erect the penis is, the longer it looks. Additionally, a strong erection makes the penis perform well in bed.

Penis length does not matter as much as your ability to sustain that erection.

Let’s put it this way: A guy who can last longer in bed with an average size penis is always better than a guy with an impressively long penis but can’t maintain it for a prolonged love making session with his partner.

What do people do about ED?

If a man has ED, then he can’t please himself or his partner.

A penis that’s stuck in its flaccid state or semi-soft state doesn’t work for sex.

And unfortunately, ED is a common condition in Singapore.

Not having enough sleep or having inadequate time for relaxation can severely affect the quality of your erection, or this could be the result of other health problems like diabetes.

If you have been struggling for some time with difficulty maintaining a hard-on, please see a doctor. Find a doctor who is sensitive and caring at reassuring men on their concerns.

Most doctors would suggest looking into improving your lifestyle and doing stress relief exercise.

However, if the problem is persistent, you may want to discuss the role of medications like PDE-5 inhibitors.

For a start, you can read our guide on how to viagra in Singapore without killing yourself.

Thankfully, telemedicine services like Sire helps remove to embarassment and inconvenience of having to face the receptionist “auntie”. It is now possible to seek professional advice and have treatment sent direct-to-home.

Role of PDE-5 inhibitors

PDE-5 inhibitors work by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5. This enzyme prevents dilation of the vessels. PDE-5 inhibitors promote dilating of the blood vessels in the penis. The resulting increase in blood flow makes the penis erect and hard [6].


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Penis size varies among individuals and is influenced by genetics and other factors. It’s important to recognize that penis size is just one aspect of overall sexual health and should not define one’s self-worth or sexual satisfaction.

Remember, open communication, self-acceptance, and seeking professional advice when needed are crucial for maintaining positive sexual well-being. Focusing on emotional intimacy, communication, and mutual satisfaction in your relationships can contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Sire, we answer all your burning questions about the average penis size in Singapore.

Q: What is considered the average penis size in Singapore?

The average penis size can vary, but studies suggest that the average erect penis size in the world is 13.12cm (5.17 inches) long.

The average erect penis size in Singapore is 11.53cm (4.53 inches) long.

Q: Is penis size determined by genetics?

Yes, genetics play a significant role in determining penis size. Just as individuals vary in height and other physical traits, penis size is influenced by a combination of genetic factors.

Q: Can ethnicity or nationality influence penis size?

There may be some variations in penis size among different ethnic groups, but it’s important to emphasise that these differences are relatively small and should not be a source of concern or comparison.

Q: Does penis size affect sexual satisfaction and performance?

Penis size is just one of many factors that contribute to sexual satisfaction and performance. Emotional connection, communication, intimacy, and overall sexual health are equally important.

Q: Can exercises or devices increase penis size?

While some exercises and devices claim to increase penis size, the effectiveness of these methods is often limited and inconsistent. It’s important to approach such claims with caution and consult a healthcare provider before attempting any techniques.

Q: How can individuals address concerns about penis size?

If you have concerns about penis size that affect your self-confidence or well-being, it’s important to discuss these feelings with a qualified healthcare provider. They can provide guidance, address any underlying issues, and offer support.

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Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

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