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Getting ED treatment is easy with telemedicine.

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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

In Singapore, you can easily access safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Finding the right medical treatment is crucial for restoring confidence and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At Sire, we explore the different types of ED treatment in Singapore for those looking to address this issue discreetly and efficiently.

One out of every two Singaporean men above 30 experience some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). You are not alone. ED can significantly impact a man’s quality of life, affecting self-esteem, relationships and overall well-being. Recognising the signs and seeking timely treatment is crucial for addressing erectile dysfunction effectively. 

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. Anything that restricts blood flow to the penis can cause ED. The most common conditions that limit blood flow include cigarette smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and normal aging. 

Causes of ED

Medical Conditions

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and an abnormal thyroid or testosterone level can contribute to ED.

Psychological Factors

The onset of ED is often linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. Addressing these issues is necessary for comprehensive erectile dysfunction treatment.

Lifestyle Choices

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and a sedentary lifestyle can exacerbate ED.

The Landscape of ED Treatment in Singapore

The goal of ED treatment is to enable a man to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Personalised ED treatments involve identifying the underlying cause of ED and treating them accordingly.

Medical Consultation

Seeking professional medical advice is the first step towards addressing ED. Seeing a healthcare provider is the best way to find out what is causing your problems and how to address them. 

Sire’s doctors are licensed with the Ministry of Health Singapore. Our telemedicine clinic allows you to get discreet, safe and effective ED treatment at the comfort of your own home. 


The most common and effective treatment for ED is the use of oral medication such as Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis). They belong to the class of medications known as the phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors.

PDE-5 inhibitors are erectile dysfunction medications that work by opening the blood vessel in the penis. This allows more blood flow to come into the penis. This helps a man to achieve an erection after sexual stimulation. Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction medication does not increase sexual desire. 

Studies have shown that the PDE-5 inhibitors are effective in restoring sexual function in up to 70% of men. At Sire, we keep in stock a wide range of PDE-5 inhibitors to suit every budget and lifestyle. Discreet packaging and doorstep delivery ensure your secret is safe with us. 

Holistic ED Treatment Approaches

Lifestyle Changes

Erectile dysfunction can possibly be reversed by adopting good lifestyle habits. Improving diet, exercise, sleep and reducing stress can have a positive impact on ED and low libido.

Psychological Counselling

Recognising the psychological causes of ED is paramount. Psychological counselling has been shown to significantly improve ED resulting in successful intercourse. 

Our team at Sire includes a certified sexual therapy counsellor who can provide confidential and supportive psychological counselling. Addressing the emotional components of ED is integral to comprehensive medical treatment.

Our ED clinic takes a holistic treatment approach, focusing on a close collaboration between doctors and counselling. If a doctor or counsellor feels you need physical or mental health assistance, we can refer you in-house for further help. 

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Over-the-Counter ED Treatment Options

Perhaps you are already on erectile dysfunction medication, adopting a healthier lifestyle and are simply looking for an additional boost. Or perhaps you are not ready to start on ED medication and are just looking to try something to improve your performance. 

At Sire, we want to provide a safe platform for men to access and raise your concerns about ED, not just limiting to medications but also to safe supplement products. 

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Your Safety, Our Top Priority

Various online platforms claim to sell PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or herbal supplements for ED for a reduced cost, often without a prescription. It is not possible to know whether the pills from these sources contain the actual drug or are counterfeit.

Serious health problems have been reported with counterfeit or adulterated ED treatment in Singapore. At Sire, your safety is our top priority. Be assured that our telemedicine ED clinic is fully licensed with MOH Singapore, all medications are HSA registered. 


Erectile dysfunction is often a result from various factors, including underlying health conditions, psychological issues or a combination of both. It is essential to treat ED holistically. At Sire, we take a holistic approach to ED treatment in Singapore. From laboratory testing, doctor consultations and counselling sessions with our in-house therapist, Sire offers you safe and effective ED solutions from the comfort of your own home. Be in control of your sexual health today!

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The percentage of men in Singapore aged 30 and above who experience some degree of erectile dysfunction.

Getting ED treatment is easy with SIRE .

Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

erectile dysfunction clinic singapore

Getting ED treatment is easy with telemedicine.