Erectile dysfunction and PE are entirely different, yet people often confuse these conditions.

A person can have both PE and ED at the same time. More often than not, erectile dysfunction is the primary problem, which then results in PE. But the anxiety of PE and underperforming during sex may also cause ED.

Based on the Kantar Health survey, about 43% of people believed that one can have both ED and PE. One-third believed that ED is the cause of PE or vice versa. Both of which are true.

It is easy to mix them up, since the prevalence of ED is increasing in the region. In Singapore, 51.3% of men were found to have some degree of ED. And this rising trend applies to all the other neighbouring countries too.

Interestingly, more than 50% of the surveyees believe that the same drug for PE can be used for ED. This is not the case, as the FDA-approved medication for PE, Priligy, is indicated only for PE.

The reverse is true, though. There are medications available in your pharmacy or clinic that treat the ED first, and hence improves PE duration.

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