Although there is no direct link between circumcision and premature ejaculation, studies show that circumcision helps treat premature ejaculation through decreased sensitivity to the head of the penis.

Decreased sensitivity leads to delayed ejaculation, which increases sexual function, and both partners can enjoy intimate sexual moments longer than usual.

Ejaculation is a neurohormonal process controlled by nerves arising from the sensitive part of the penis. Circumcision decreases the sensitivity of that part resulting in delayed transmission via nerves leading to enhanced sexual performance.

But complicating things are studies like the aforementioned American Urological Association study that states that circumcision makes no difference.

If you are thinking of getting a circumcision to fix your premature ejaculation, a study in 2011 reported that circumcised people feel much more difficulty in reaching orgasm than uncircumcised. So, circumcision does not treat premature ejaculation.

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