For every medication, there’s the branded version, and its generic version. Generics are for the practical – They work as well as because they both contain the same active component, yet more affordable.

So, Propecia 1mg actually contains 1mg of finasteride, the ingredient responsible for treating male pattern hair loss.

Propecia was first introduced to the market by MSD (Merck & Co.) in 1998 for male hair loss. It took the world by storm, and was the sole supplier for this wonder treatment.

When MSD’s patent for Propecia expired in 2009, it allowed for legal production of generic versions worldwide. And it slowly found its way into Singapore.

Finasteride 1mg has the same effectiveness and safety profile as its branded equivalent. This is especially the case in Singapore. Because all medications are subjected to a stringent quality audit by the HSA (Health Science Authority) before it can be imported, a process that can take more than 2 years.

Of course, you would have to obtain it from a licensed prescriber to be certain about its legitimacy.

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