PD causes the penis to become curved and painful, potentially leading to difficulty with sexual activity.

It is not a very common disease, but it can significantly impact a man’s quality of life as it affects the male genitals.

People have known Peyronies’s disease from as far back as 1743. The disease was named after surgeon François Gigot de La Peyronie. In those days, people considered it an illness related to sexual activity or a sexually transmitted disease.

Today, we know it is not an infectious disease but a wound-healing disorder, caused by the formation of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis.

You will see some scar tissue, which is also known as plaque. Your scar tissue can develop in a layer of tissue that surrounds the erectile tissue in the penis.

When the scar tissue builds up, it can cause the penis to curve or bend during an erection, leading to pain and other symptoms. Worse yet, the scar tissue can hardened over time, making it more difficult to treat.

But how common is this specifically among Singaporeans? We’ll explore the data but SIRE does get inquiries from time to time.

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