A regular alcohol addict may experience negative effects on health for good. A sudden intake of alcohol may cause temporary erectile dysfunction, which is corrected automatically as the effects of alcohol subsides.

However, long-term alcohol addiction may cause permanent erectile dysfunction. Long-term effects are manifested in two ways.

1: Down-regulation of the autonomic nervous system

Chronic alcohol addiction to heavy alcohol consumption badly affects your autonomic nervous system, which controls autonomic function in the body, including unconscious activities. The most common side-effect of chronic addiction to alcohol is erectile dysfunction, which may be long-term.

2: Damaged blood vessels

Mild alcohol consumption does not lead to cardiovascular disease. However, heavy alcohol intake for a long period may lead to erectile dysfunction caused by damaged blood vessels and cardiomyopathy. A study suggests that alcohol consumption leads to damaged blood vessels and high blood pressure, a risk factor for sexual dysfunctions. Abnormal blood pressure leads to decreased blood circulation toward the penis, making it difficult to erect the penis adequately.

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