Duromine and Panbesy contain the active ingredient Phentermine. As such, they work similarly and have a similar side effect profile. 


There are currently no studies available to compare the effectiveness of Duromine and Panbesy directly.


The main difference between Duromine and Panbesy is the type of Phentermine it contains. 

Duromine contains Phentermine as an ion-exchange resin complex while Panbesy contains Phentermine hydrochloride. 

As an ion-exchange resin complex, Duromine releases Phentermine continuously over a 10 to 14 hour period. In comparison, Panbesy is absorbed over 3-4.4 hours.

It is likely that Duromine provides a longer-lasting and constant appetite suppression throughout the day since it is released more slowly and over a longer period. With Panbesy, its effect on appetite suppression may not be as long-lasting. 

Also, with Phentermine being slowly absorbed into the bloodstream in smaller amounts over a longer period, the risk of side effects with Duromine may be lower as compared to Panbesy.  

Always discuss with your doctor to find out if Duromine or Panbesy is right for you. 

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