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Finding Hair Implants in Singapore

Procedures for hair implants in Singapore may help improve self-confidence in case you have receding hairlines or a thinning crown. In this article we discuss the hair implant procedure, who it is suitable for, how much it costs, and the cost of undertaking this transformative procedure in Singapore.

Understanding the Hair Implant Process

Hair implantation is a safe and successful procedure which includes collecting hair follicles from donor areas and their implantation in hair loss areas. Long-term solution via natural follicle development. Local anaesthesia is used during this surgery, and the patients are able to resume their normal lives immediately after.

Hair implant services are readily available in Singapore and people have plenty of ways of combating hair loss and improving their appearance. The country is home to renowned clinics and specialised centres that provide the latest and most modern hair implant procedures that suit various demands and preferences.

National Healthcare Institutions

There are several national healthcare institutions in Singapore that offer hair implant services. Most of these facilities have experienced surgeons and advanced facilities hence a reliable option for people seeking a government-funded healthcare approach.

Specialised Hair Clinics

Many people, seeking a specialist for hair restoration, will opt for a hair clinic. Clinics such as Follicle Hair offer a wide range of services like hair implants with an emphasis on customised and complete care.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Centers

Many aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics in Singapore offer hair implant services. These facilities often combine surgical precision with an aesthetic approach for natural looking and satisfying results.

Hair Implant Cost in Singapore

Cost is definitely one of the most common and important issues to consider when making a hair implant decision. The price for the hair implant in Singapore may differ due to several reasons like the amount of hair loss, the number of grafts needed, and credibility of the clinic as well as the knowledge of the doctor. The average cost per graft in Singapore varies between SGD 5 and SGD 10.

The number of grafts required depends on how much hair you have lost, this varies between 500 and 1,800. That’s anywhere between 2,500 and 20,000 SGD based on the lower estimate. On the other hand, hair loss pills could be the right solution for you, a cheaper and safer option that suits many people and starts at just 50 SGD per month. Not everyone needs costly hair implants, speak to consultant for more information. 

However, hair implants may prove to be costly and the initial cost may appear high as hair implants give permanent and natural-looking results.

Factors Affecting Hair Implant Cost

  • Extent of Hair Loss: This affects the cost as the more extensive the hair loss the bigger the number of grafts needed.
  • Clinic Reputation: While clinics that have established surgeons and some experience may be slightly more expensive, they usually offer better results and a more comfortable experience.
  • Customised Treatment Plans: The cost will vary according to the personalised treatment plan that includes the number of grafts required for particular targeted areas.
  • Post-Operative Care: This may be included in the overall pricing of clinics that offer total post-operative care in order to provide optimum results and customer satisfaction.

Post-Hair Transplant Hidden Costs in Singapore

Do not forget that you will have to keep paying for your good-looking new hair after a hair transplant in Singapore. There is the aspect of getting yourself medicines like finasteride and minoxidil, which can turn out to be a bit costly. The cost of finasteride per month is approximately $45 to 100, whilst minoxidil costs between $30 and $80 per month. The price will be determined by which brand you are going to choose, branded or generic.

A majority of doctors recommend continued intake of finasteride as this makes your hair stronger. Therefore, you could incur a whopping $1000 annually on these maintenance drugs. You should also be ready for some additional expenses especially when planning to spend approximately 20 thousand dollars on your new hair.

Exploring Finasteride Before Committing to a Hair Transplant

Start with a daily practice to save your hair before you incur a costly hair transplant. A common medicine for treating male pattern baldness is Finasteride. Men on Finasteride 1 mg had a decrease of 86% in further hair loss at 1 year, 83% at 2 years, and 65% at 5 years according to the FDA

Going for a hair transplant is a serious decision. While the results are impressive, you have to know your commitments and the cost involved for each one. Talking to a medical doctor for prescription medication such as Finasteride can always be the initial step if you are unsure.

Sire – A digital clinic for hair loss in Singapore

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Understanding the process, exploring available options, and weighing the costs are all part of exploring the transformative world of hair implants in Singapore. Renowned clinics and specialised centres provide advanced procedures to meet a wide range of needs.

It is critical to consider post-transplant maintenance costs, including medications such as finasteride and minoxidil. Sire ensures a supportive and informed journey towards healthier, fuller hair, whether you choose a hair transplant or explore preventative measures like finasteride.

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hair loss doctor singapore

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