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Doctor Reveals Secrets of Hair Loss

Looking for the right hair loss shampoo for men in Singapore? From medicated shampoos to shampoos boasting 100% natural plant extracts, we examine their effectiveness in hair loss. Say goodbye to the ordeal of searching endlessly for effective solutions, Sire navigates the journey of male hair loss treatment in Singapore with you. 

Hair is more than just a physical attribute, it plays a significant role in shaping one’s identity. Many men find themselves searching for effective solutions to maintain a full head of hair and regain lost confidence. While various treatments exist, specialised shampoo for hair loss has gained popularity as a convenient and non-intrusive option. In this article, we explain the science behind men’s hair loss shampoos and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss, or alopecia, is the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. In men, hair loss often manifests as a receding hairline, thinning at the crown or bald spots. Hair loss can be a natural part of the aging process. Various factors can contribute to the onset and progression of hair loss. 

Genetic Factors and Hereditary Patterns

Hair loss often has a genetic component, with certain patterns passed down through families. Male pattern baldness, scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss in men. This condition affects nearly up to 70% of men in Singapore.  Understanding your family history can provide insights into your susceptibility to hair loss. 

Hormonal Imbalances and Hair Health

Hormonal changes, such as an excess of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), can contribute to hair loss. DHT has been found to be the key male hormone involved in the onset of male pattern hair loss. 

DHT promotes a process called follicle miniaturisation. Hair follicles undergo a shortened growing phase, resulting in shorter and thinner hair. As more follicles undergo miniaturisation, the hair coverage of the scalp progressively decreases.  

Environmental Factors Contributing to Hair Loss

External factors like pollution and stress can take a toll on hair health. The good news is environmental factors rarely cause permanent hair loss. Identifying and mitigating these environmental contributors is essential for maintaining a healthy scalp, promoting healthy hair regrowth. 

The Science Behind Effective Hair Loss Ingredients

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Navigating the market for hair loss shampoos can be overwhelming. What key ingredients have been proven to be safe and effective for male hair loss? At Sire, we tell you the science behind medically proven solutions.

Key Medicated Ingredients Explained

Our hair follicle is very much living and alive, it goes through a natural growth cycle. Each follicle contains blood vessels that support and nurture new hair growth. Medical research points to DHT playing an important contributing role to hair loss in men. DHT is understood to cause hair follicles to have a shorter-than-normal growth phase. This results in hair shafts that are abnormally short and thin, scientifically termed as “miniaturised”.

Safe and effective hair loss treatments for men often support hair’s natural growth cycle or target DHT’s negative hair effects. 

Minoxidil, the hair thickening agent

It is the only FDA-approved medication for hair loss that you can apply directly to your scalp. The thickening agent is remarkable as it is the only topical ingredient that meets the rigorous FDA safety and effectiveness standards.

Minoxidil promotes hair growth by lengthening the growth phase of hair follicles. This allows more follicles to produce hair that are larger and thicker. In order to be effective, Minoxidil must be applied to your scalp, not just your hair. A concentration of 5% has also demonstrated the best effectiveness for male pattern hair loss. 

In Singapore and most parts of the world, you can buy Minoxidil without a prescription. When looking for a hair loss shampoo containing Minoxidil, a good product should tell you its exact concentration. Always shop for hair loss products from reliable sources. At Sire, our Topical 5% Minoxidil are only from HSA-registered sources, you can purchase safely with us

Curious about hair loss treatment with oral minoxidil in Singapore? Read our comparison article here.

Finasteride, the DHT-blocker

Finasteride decreases DHT production, resulting in an increased amount of hair.  At a daily dose of 1 mg a day, Finasteride is the only FDA-approved oral medication for the treatment of male pattern hair loss. 

You may have seen male hair loss shampoos or hair products containing Finasteride. Multiple studies have shown that Topical Finasteride can be effective with a favourable safety profile. However more research is still needed to determine the exact concentration that is safe and effective. To date, FDA still recommends Oral Finasteride instead of Topical Finasteride as the approved treatment for male pattern baldness.

It is important to understand that Finasteride, in an oral or topical form, is a prescription only medication in Singapore. When purchasing a male hair loss shampoo containing Finasteride, it is important to use it upon consultation with a doctor

Ketoconazole, the anti-dandruff solution

Ketoconazole, often found in anti-dandruff shampoos, has shown promise in reducing hair loss. The occurrence of dandruff is believed to be an inflammatory reaction to a yeast naturally present on the skin surface. Flares can occur during periods of stress, hormonal changes or illness. 

At a concentration of 1%, Ketoconazole shampoo is an effective treatment for dandruff after 4 weeks of use. For best results, anti-dandruff shampoos should be left in place for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. The shampoo should be rinsed out of the hair completely. 

Ketoconazole is not a FDA-approved treatment for male pattern hair loss. However, several studies have found that Ketoconazole shampoo might slow the effects of male pattern baldness and stimulate hair growth. It is postulated that by reducing inflammation, it slows the progression of hair loss. 

In Singapore, Ketoconazole shampoos up to a concentration of 2% do not require a prescription. They can be easily purchased over-the-counter. Check the labels for details like the concentration of Ketoconazole and always purchase from reliable sources. 

Top Hair Loss Shampoos for Men Explained

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The market now offers a plethora of hair loss shampoos formulated with specific non- medicated, all-natural ingredients to promote hair growth and reduce loss. Understanding these ingredients is key to making an informed choice to support your hair regrowth journey. 

Non-medicated, all-natural ingredients found in hair loss shampoos for men are believed to work similarly as medicated ingredients. They are believed to support hair’s natural growth cycle or target DHT’s negative hair effects. Here, we explore the evidence behind common key ingredients found in the best shampoo for men in Singapore.


For many of us, we start our day with caffeine. Being a stimulant, it increases blood circulation to hair follicles, supporting hair growth. Interestingly studies have also shown that caffeine blocks DHT in hair follicles, extending the growth phase of a hair cycle. However, there is a scarcity of studies confirming the effectiveness of caffeine shampoos in addressing  hair loss. More studies are required to determine the concentration of caffeine that is effective and safe in the treatment of male hair loss. 

Popular brands of Male Hair Loss Shampoos Containing Caffeine in Singapore:

  • Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo
  • Plantur 39 Phyto Caffeine Shampoo
  • Kundal Scalp Care+Caffeine Shampoo
  • Sebamed Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Dove Men+Care Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
  • L’Oreal Paris Full Resist Anti Hair Fall 
  • NaturVital Hair Loss Shampoo for Men

Saw Palmetto Extract

The Native Americans utilised the Saw palmetto extract from Serenoa repens berries for centuries as medicine and food. Animal studies indicate that Saw palmetto extract can block DHT, promoting follicle growth. Animal studies also demonstrate the extract’s potential in reducing inflammatory damage to hair follicles. However, the efficacy of Saw palmetto in treating human hair loss remains inconclusive in current research. 

Popular brands of Male Hair Loss Shampoos Containing Saw Palmetto Extract in Singapore:

  • NaturVital Hair Loss Shampoo for Men
  • Regensify DHT Blocking Shampoo


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, is essential for maintaining healthy hair. It plays a key role in the production of keratin, the protein that forms the structure of hair strands. 

To date, medical guidelines do not recommend the use of biotin supplements for hair loss conditions like androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium. Biotin shampoos have also not been found to grow new hairs or support the hair follicle growth cycle. 

However, biotin shampoos may give more volume and texture to hair strands. There are also no known risks to using a biotin shampoo every day .

Popular brands of Male Hair Loss Shampoos Containing Biotin in Singapore:

  • Nioxin Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
  • NaturVital Hair Loss Shampoo for Men
  • Aromatica B5+Biotin Fortifying Shampoo
  • Dr Groot Intensive Care Hair Loss Control Shampoo


Calcium shampoos have been an increasingly popular hair product in Singapore. While it is clear that calcium is essential for healthy hair growth, current research has yet to establish its role. 

There is currently no published evidence to support the use of calcium shampoos for male hair loss. However, it is widely accepted that these shampoos are likely to be safe for daily use. 

Popular brands of Male Hair Loss Shampoos Containing Calcium in Singapore:

  • SMiB Coral Calcium Shampoo
  • Dove Micellar Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

How to Choose the Right Shampoo for You

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Selecting a shampoo often boils down to personal preferences. The type of shampoo that works for you may not work for someone else. Identifying the root cause of your hair loss and adopting a trial-and-error strategy with different shampoos can be impactful.

Understanding Your Hair Type

Not all hair loss shampoos are created equal. Understanding your hair and scalp type – whether oily, dry or normal – guides you in selecting a shampoo that caters to your specific needs.

Considering Hair Loss Causes

Dive into the roots of the issue. Is your hair loss due to stress, diet or genetics? Consulting a medical doctor for advice is always a good first step. Understanding your hair loss can help you pick a shampoo that tackles your hair loss head-on.

Budget-Friendly Options vs. Premium Choices

High cost does not necessarily translate to high effectiveness. Effective hair loss shampoo ingredients for men like minoxidil have been established for a long time. Always weigh the benefits of budget-friendly options against premium, specialised formulations. At Sire, our doctors help you evaluate the balance between cost and effectiveness. 

Balancing Expectations with Reality

Hair regrowth is a slow and steady process. Even with effective medications, it takes at least 4 months before results can be seen. Health institutions like hospitals, clinics and even virtual clinics like Sire are regulated by HSA and governed by advertising laws. These advertising regulations do not apply to non-medicated hair loss shampoos. When selecting a men’s hair loss shampoo, it is important to set realistic expectations on its desired outcomes. 

Exercising Caution with Hair Loss Shampoos

In Singapore, HSA has licensed only two medicinal ingredients that have been proven scientifically to be effective for the treatment of androgenetic hair loss. They are topical minoxidil and oral finasteride for use in men. 

The HSA has also released an official statement that “the effectiveness of complementary health products like non-medicated hair loss shampoos are not assessed by the HSA”. As such, claims that these shampoos can promote hair growth or hair loss may not be substantiated by scientific evidence. 

The HSA continues to remind the public to exercise caution when encountering health products promising quick cures or advertisements with exaggerated and misleading claims. Common techniques or gimmicks include:

  • Promotions using terms such as “scientific breakthrough”, “ancient remedy”
  • Testimonials from people claiming amazing results
  • Promises of no-risk, money back guarantees
  • Promises of an easy fix
  • Claims that the product is “all natural” or “non-toxic”

At Sire, our men’s hair loss treatments are only from HSA-registered sources. Our clinic is licensed and regulated by MOH. 

Tips for Maximising the Effectiveness

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing your hair with a shampoo as often as once a day depending on your hair or scalp type. At Sire, we tell you our top recommendations for maximising the effectiveness of shampoos for hair growth in men. 

Proper Hair Washing Techniques

Applying the shampoo correctly is crucial for effectiveness. From massaging the scalp, leaving the shampoo on for the right duration to rinsing it off thoroughly. Maximise the benefits of your shampoo by following proper application techniques. Consistency is key for any hair care routine. Patience is a virtue, results with male hair loss shampoos and treatments usually take 4 months of consistent use. 

Read how to get the best results from topical minoxidil here. 

Complementary Hair Care Practices

For a holistic approach to hair loss, combining shampoos with other treatments can yield enhanced results. At Sire, safe and effective hair loss treatments are available to meet different budgets and lifestyle needs. From Topical Minoxidil to Oral Finasteride, we explore proven treatments to maximise effectiveness.

Lifestyle Changes for Healthier Hair

A comprehensive strategy involving lifestyle changes, dietary considerations and other treatments alongside shampoos can contribute to a robust defence against hair loss. Beyond shampoos, a balanced diet, regular exercise and stress management contribute to overall well-being, positively impacting hair health. 

Consulting a Professional: When is it Necessary?

In the management of hair loss in men, early intervention often leads to more successful outcomes. It is advisable to consult a medical doctor if you notice excessive hair shedding, thinning, bald patches or any other signs of hair loss. 

At Sire, we offer affordable solutions and expert consultations for simple causes of hair loss. The process is convenient, from consultations to medications – the entire process is 100% online, at the comfort of your home. A specialist referral can be done upon the assessment of our doctors. 


Understanding the realities of using hair loss shampoos is vital. We provide accurate information to dispel any misconceptions and set realistic expectations. The journey to hair regrowth involves a combination of proper care, effective products and lifestyle adjustments. Taking proactive steps based on expert advice can lead to positive outcomes, not just for your hair but also for your confidence and well-being. 

The world of hair loss shampoos for men is vast and promising, but not without its considerations. Choosing the right product, understanding its key ingredients and incorporating it into a comprehensive hair care routine are pivotal for success. While individual results may vary, the potential for healthier and fuller hair is within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to prevent hair loss?

Preventing hair loss involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing stress and adopting gentle hair care practices. Regular exercise, a balanced diet rich in nutrients and avoiding harsh styling can contribute to keeping your hair healthy. 

Q: Can stress contribute to hair loss?

Yes, stress can contribute to hair loss. Chronic stress may disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to increased shedding. Managing stress through relaxation techniques, exercise and proper self-care can help mitigate its impact on hair health. 

Q: What reduces hair loss in men?

Various factors contribute to hair loss in men. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, using proven hair loss treatments and addressing any underlying medical conditions can help reduce hair loss. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for personalised advice.

Q: Is hair loss reversible?

The reversibility of hair loss depends on the cause. Some types of hair loss such as those caused by genetics or hormonal changes, may be challenging to reverse completely. However, early intervention and appropriate treatments may slow down or partially reverse hair loss in certain cases. 

Q: How soon can I expect to see results with a hair loss shampoo?

The timeline for seeing results with a hair loss shampoo varies among men. While some men may notice improvements within a few weeks, others may require more time. Consistent and long-term use, as directed, is typically necessary for optimal results.

Q: What shampoos stop hair loss?

Several shampoos claim to address hair loss in men by containing ingredients like minoxidil, ketoconazole or caffeine. However, the effectiveness can vary. It is essential to choose a shampoo based on your specific needs. At Sire, consulting with a medical doctor can help to provide personalised recommendations by identifying the root issue of the hair loss.

Q: Should I use a hair loss shampoo everyday?

The frequency of using a hair loss shampoo depends on the product and your hair type. Some shampoos are designed for daily use, while others may recommend less frequent application. Follow the instructions on the product label, and if uncertain, always consult with a healthcare professional. 

Q: Are hair loss shampoos a permanent solution, or will I have to use them indefinitely?

Most hair loss shampoos provide a temporary solution by promoting hair health and reducing shedding. To maintain results, continuous use may be necessary. If you stop using the shampoo, any benefits gained may diminish over time. Consult with a healthcare professional for long-term management strategies. 

Q: Do hair loss shampoos prevent hair loss entirely?

While some hair loss shampoos claim to prevent hair loss entirely, complete prevention may not be guaranteed. These shampoos often work by strengthening existing hair and promoting a healthier scalp environment. For comprehensive hair loss prevention, consider a multifaceted approach that includes lifestyle changes and professional medical advice. 

Q: Are hair loss shampoos safe?

Generally, hair loss shampoos from reputable sources are safe to use. However, it is crucial to follow usage instructions and monitor for any adverse reactions. Consult with a doctor or pharmacist if you have concerns or pre-existing scalp conditions. 

Q: What is the most effective hair loss treatment?

The most effective hair loss treatment varies depending on the underlying cause. FDA-approved hair loss treatments for men like topical minoxidil and oral finasteride have shown effectiveness in many cases. Consult with a doctor who can help determine the most suitable treatment for your specific condition. 

Q: How to grow hair fast for men?

While there is no guaranteed method to accelerate hair growth, several practices can support healthy hair growth. Adopting gentle hair care practices can contribute to a healthy environment for hair growth. Results may vary among men and it is important to be patient as hair growth is a gradual process. Consulting a healthcare professional if you have concerns about slow hair growth can be a first step to healthy hair.

A tablet a day keeps the baldness at bay.

Consistent daily usage is key to help you slow down your hair loss.

Months 1-2

You may not be able to see any visible changes within the first 1-2 months of usage. Some people may shed more fine hairs than usual. This is completely temporary and normal.

Months 3-6

Your hair loss may have slowed or stopped. Take a photo every month to track your progress. Stay the course!

Months 7 and beyond

Hair loss might have considerably slowed down or stopped. Some people might even see signs of regrowth. Don’t stop now, keep going!

We were meant to be bold, not bald

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