Male fertility check, from home

Don’t put your family on hold. Get evaluated by Singapore-licensed healthcare professionals with home-based semen analysis. All in the comfort of your home.

We will ask some questions about your symptoms and health to see if treatment is right for you

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About semen analysis

Semen analysis (SA) is the definitive test to assess men’s fertility. There are different causes, but male infertility ultimately occurs when the sperm quantity and quality is insufficient to support successful penetration of the female egg.


Male infertility can be caused by lifestyle, environmental or medical causes such as medications, obesity, cigarette smoking, stress, and many more. Sometimes it can be caused by a combination of factors, and sometimes a specific cause is never determined.

Yes, but it depends on the cause. Before starting any kind of treatment, it’s important to be evaluated by a healthcare professional for possible underlying causes that might also require treatment.

Getting checked in a traditional clinic can be an embarrassing experience. Awkward waiting rooms with people knowing what you are doing in the room. Home-based semen analysis changes all that.

50% of identifiable infertility between couples are due to “male factors”. In the event that your SA is good, speak to your trusted fertility doctor who can advise for your partner’s next step.

If you have more questions about our treatment option, please check out our FAQ section or WhatsApp Us!

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Half of identifiable infertility or couples having difficulty to conceive are due to “male factors” (Kumar, 2015)

Singapore’s discreet male fertility assessment

Be sure you are ready to start a family by testing your fertility, all in the comfort of your home. No more embarrassing visits to a clinic.

Getting checked in a traditional clinic can be an embarrassing experience. Awkward waiting rooms with people knowing what you are doing in the room. SIRE home-based semen analysis changes all that.

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Customized report

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Private & confidential

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The only home-based semen analysis

We’re sure you might have questions, so we have listed in detail the exact steps to prepare for your semen analysis as well as how we will collect your sample from you.

It’s all about science

Home-based semen analysis ensures that you can collect your semen from home. We will handle the rest. Just keep in mind that it’s science. And it’s something that our clinic deals with every day.


Preparing for your fertility check

Step 1: Book an appointment

Place an order through your website.

Our SIRE collection home-kit will be sent to you before the appointment. Allow 2-3 working days for the kit to reach you.

Once you have received your kit, inform our staff via WhatsApp to book a pick-up appointment.


Step 2: Preparation

The specimen should be collected no more than 15 minutes before your allotted appointment.

Ensure your personal particulars on the container are correct.

Take a shower and start clean. Wash and rinse your private area with gentle soap and water

Step 3: Producing a sample

You need to be a purist. Do not use any condoms or lubricant (ie Saliva, Soap)

Masturbate to produce the sample. Fluids from intercourse may contaminate the specimen.

Ejaculate directly into the provided container and seal the lid immediately

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Step 4: Transportation

Ensure the lid is sealed tight. Place it in the clear speciment bag, followed by the black ziplock bag provided.

Update our SIRE conceirge when the specimen is ready. Our courier will come to your doorstep shortly.

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