How to collect semen sample at home

Based in Singapore? No more embarrassing visits to the clinic, you can now do a semen analysis from your home

In the comfort of home

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit uncomfortable about collecting a semen sample for sperm analysis.

Performing “on demand” in a clinic has been the traditional way to collect a sample. It can be embarrassing especially when the environment is not private, and clinic staff “knowing” that you’re doing something private just next to them.

Sire home-based semen analysis ensures that you can collect your semen from home. We will handle the rest.

Just keep in mind that it’s science. And it’s something that our clinic deals with every day.

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Steps to ensure optimal results

You need to ensure that you abstain from any form of ejaculation for at least 2-7 days, but no more than 7 days. Less than 2 days may be insufficient time for sperm reproduction. And sperm cells may lyse or be compromised if stored for more than 7 days.

Ensure that you have collected the specimen no more than 15 minutes from the allocated appointment time.

Make sure you are cleaned just before starting the process. A warm shower helps to relax your muscles and makes things comfortable. Clean your private areas with a gentle soap and warm water.

Caution: If the temperature is too hot, it may damage the sperm quality. The ideal temperature for sperms are just below body temperature (37ºC)

Now it is time for the act. You would need to perform it through dry masturbation.

Avoid using any lubrication or soap – the chemicals may compromise the semen sample.

Do not use a condom to collect the sample (unless prescribed by your doctor). Condoms often contain spermicides, which are meant to kill off the sperms.

Do not collect the sample during sexual activities such as vagina intercourse or oral sex. The pH difference found in lubrication and saliva will affect the quality of the semen.

Collect your sample directly using the sterile container provided by SIRE.

Take note and record any spillages (estimated amount in ml) and the number of days of abstinence on the specimen form.

Inform our SIRE concierge that your sample is ready for collection.

Ensure the bottle cap is screwed tight. Place the bottle in the provided clear specimen bag (1), followed by the black pouch (2) and secure it tight.

Place the black pouch close to your body while waiting for SIRE’s specialized couriers.

Your specimen will need to reach our labs within 2 hours for optimal assessment.

To do so, ensure that you have collected the specimen no more than 15 minutes from the allocated appointment time.

Inform our SIRE concierge via WhatsApp once the specimen is ready to avoid delays.


Home-base semen analysis: $159

The report will be sent to your email. Prices includes one teleconsultation after the results

Only available in Singapore

Pick-up Schedule

Weekdays (Before 1pm)

Saturday (before 11:30am)

Preparing for your fertility check

Step 1: Book an appointment

Place an order through your website.

Our SIRE collection home-kit will be sent to you before the appointment. Allow 2-3 working days for the kit to reach you.

Once you have received your kit, inform our staff via WhatsApp to book a pick-up appointment.


Step 2: Preparation

The specimen should be collected no more than 15 minutes before your allotted appointment.

Ensure your personal particulars on the container are correct.

Take a shower and start clean. Wash and rinse your private area with gentle soap and water

Step 3: Producing a sample

You need to be a purist. Do not use any condoms or lubricant (ie Saliva, Soap)

Masturbate to produce the sample. Fluids from intercourse may contaminate the specimen.

Ejaculate directly into the provided container and seal the lid immediately

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Step 4: Transportation

Ensure the lid is sealed tight. Place it in the clear speciment bag, followed by the black ziplock bag provided.

Update our SIRE conceirge when the specimen is ready. Our courier will come to your doorstep shortly.