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Is tadalafil available in Singapore?

Tadalafil is now approved for prescription-only sale in Singapore by the Health Sciences Authority.

The good news is: it is now available on Sire, a dedicated men’s health clinic that specializes in bringing ED treatments to your doorstep.

What is tadalafil?

Tadalafil is the active ingredient responsible for treating ED that is used in Cialis.

Cialis was first introduced to the market in November 2003 by Eli Lilly for erectile dysfunction. It took the world by storm and was the sole supplier for this wonder treatment.

When Eli Lilly’s patent for Cialis expired in 2020, it allowed for the legal production of generic Cialis, commonly known as tadalafil. And it slowly found its way into Singapore in 2021.

Branded Cialis vs generic tadalafil

Do they work the same?

Yes. generic tadalafil has the same effectiveness and safety profile as Cialis. This is especially the case in Singapore.

Generic medications are subjected to a stringent audit for quality, strength, purity and potency to demonstrate their effectiveness before approval by HSA. They must have the same active ingredient and provide the same benefits.

There are a few differences, however. generic tadalafil and Cialis might not look the same.

In general, generic medications might have slightly different inactive ingredients (dyes, preservatives, flavouring agents etc.). These inactive ingredients do not affect how the medication works.

If they work the same… Why the big price difference?

Branded medications are new discoveries developed through research and clinical trials. Years of testing on animals and humans are required to prove they are safe and effective before reaching the mass market.

The active ingredient in branded Cialis was first synthesized in 1990 and it was only introduced in the market in 2003 – that is more than a decade’s worth of time and effort!

This obviously takes a huge sum of money. Rightfully, pharmaceutical companies obtain their patent to the drug and exclusive protection from competition for several years.

So, the manufacturer of the brand can set a price for that medication to profit from their new discovery.

It is only after the patent has expired and several generic companies entering the market does price come down, sometimes to less than 20 percent of the original brand price through market competition.

Are there differences between different generics?

In general, between different generic tadalafil, the effectiveness and safety profile should not differ as long as they are sourced reliably.

Different generic tadalafil pills would possibly differ in their appearance, this is due to different inactive ingredients being used in the compounding process and would not affect how the medication works.

How many generic tadalafil are available in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are currently only three registered generic tadalafil brands with the HSA.The three companies that hold the product licence for generic tadalafil are: Accord Healthcare, Hetero Singapore and Ranbaxy Malaysia.

Although there are a few generic tadalafil products approved by the HSA, they may not necessarily be available, and at times only at selected clinics. Remember, like Cialis, you would still require a legitimate prescription to obtain generic tadalafil in Singapore.


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Practically speaking, generics work as well as its branded counterpart because they both contain the same active component, yet more affordable. Always discuss with your doctor if a brand or generic is the best option for you based on your comfort and budget.

Some people may have concerns about switching to generic tadalafil and still prefer branded Cialis. These concerns may include:

  • Worsening of ED after the switch
  • Possible allergic reaction or side effect from an inactive ingredient after the switch

Here, at Sire we hear you. If you wish to switch from a brand to a generic, your doctor will keep you monitored to make sure the medication is suitable for you.

What are my options for finding safe generic tadalafil online?

Generic tadalafil is a medication approved for sale in Singapore only if it is accompanied by a legitimate prescription. If you are considering buying medications online, HSA has tips on how to buy safely online.

Sire is a digital men’s health service in Singapore which provides convenient virtual consultations with MOH-licensed doctors, along with affordable ED treatments that are shipped to your doorstep discreetly.

Sire is powered by The Cloud Clinic, which is a licensed medical clinic registered under MOH and a direct telemedicine provider.

Read our article on how we can protect ourselves in seeking ED treatment online.

What about other ED medications available in Singapore?

Considering other ED treatment options?

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Getting ED treatment is easy with SIRE .

Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

erectile dysfunction clinic singapore

Getting ED treatment is easy with telemedicine.