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There are many men’s health supplements on the market. Many contain a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals claiming to improve your erections, libido or sexual performance.  

Most of these supplement products are lacking in scientific evidence. Although they may have numerous health benefits, most are not proven to treat or cure ED or have any major impact on sexual performance.

Prevalence of sexual enhancement supplements

In Japan, a nationwide survey in 2019 revealed that 23% of male supplement users had used supplements for sexual enhancement currently or previously.

It was also found that the use of these supplements was higher among younger people than among older people. 

There is currently no published data available on supplement usage for ED in Singapore. However, it is known that ED affects more Singaporean men than we think – over 50% of men reported experiencing some degree of ED.

It would be of no surprise if a significant proportion of Singaporean men are using or have used supplements for sexual enhancement.

ED occurs when it is difficult to get or keep an erection adequate for sexual activity. This is usually due to insufficient blood flow to the penis, which can be a result of many different physical or lifestyle factors.

The most common oral class of medications used to treat ED is called “PDE5 inhibitors”. Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Spedra (avanafil) belong to this class of medications.

They work by increasing blood flow to the penis, allowing you to achieve and sustain an erection. They have been clinically proven to be effective, easy to use and have limited side effects.

Risks of sexual enhancement supplements

Unlike ED medications, sexual enhancement supplements are not clinically proven.

They may make exaggerated claims that their products are “all natural” and can “prolong your sexual stamina” or miraculously cure ED or impotency.

As with all supplements, sexual enhancement supplements do not require approval and are not evaluated by the HSA for their effectiveness, quality and safety before they can be sold locally.

This regulation for supplements is similar to the United States, European Union countries and Japan.

The risks from taking illegal sexual enhancement products may lead to serious side effects, including death. 

A study revealed that 77% of illegal sexual enhancement products seized from makeshift stalls in red-light districts of Singapore are contaminated with sildenafil and anti-diabetic medications. Some products were found to contain high doses of these medications resulting in fatalities.

The problem with illegal sexual enhancement products lies mainly with its contaminants and exaggerated claims. Definitely, if it is laced with ED medications like sildenafil – it will work.

What we are afraid of is that what goes exactly into these products are not entirely known and the potential dangers it could bring to our body with just one pill is not mentioned until it is too late.   

SIRE – Getting hard orally, the safe way

sire testosterone support supplement singapore

Interestingly, a survey done by a digital health clinic for men based in the United States reported that 52% of their patients are interested in taking a testosterone support supplement.

Perhaps you are already on FDA-approved medications for ED and are doing all you can to make changes to improve your lifestyle and you are just looking for that additional boost.

Or perhaps you are not ready to start on medications for ED just yet and are just looking to trying something to improve your sexual performance.

Here at SIRE, we want to provide a safe platform for men to access and raise your concerns about ED, not just limiting to medications but also to safe supplement products.

By creating and formulating our own supplements with transparent ingredients you can trust, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands – all in the comfort of your own privacy.

SIRE Testosterone Support

SIRE Testosterone Support contains a select combination of five herbs, vitamins and minerals known to maintain and support healthy testosterone production in men. It is proudly formulated and produced in Singapore at a local GMP-certified facility.

Our supplement combines 5 scientifically-backed active ingredients: Tongkat Ali root extract, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Vitamin D and Zinc to support testosterone production – promoting healthy sexual function, libido and semen quality. All 5 active ingredients are generally well-tolerated and are beneficial for overall masculine health as well.

SIRE Testosterone Support is formulated with a particular focus on improving erectile function. Here we share with you the current available research these 5 ingredients have for ED in detail.

Tongkat Ali – a herbal extract

A notorious reputation

Tongkat Ali has earned quite a reputation in Singapore. Perhaps you may have heard of men that swear by it or you may think it is a total scam.

The truth is Tongkat Ali has been a target of many dishonest supplement sellers. The HSA has identified many illegal health products in the market claiming to contain Tongkat Ali as the main ingredient but was found to contain other potent medications like sildenafil, exceeding normal dosage limits.  

There have just been too many counterfeit or fake Tongkat Ali products on the market.

Its true origins

Tongkat Ali (also known as Long Jack, Malaysian ginseng) originates from a plant known as Eurycoma longifolia. The plant grows in deep tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia.

The origin of Tongkat Ali is closer to home than we think. In the early 1800s, one can experience traditional coffee shops serving Tongkat Ali coffee or tea, made from boiled Tongkat Ali root.

In fact, it was and can still be a common sight in Malaysia, but this long-lost tradition can no longer be experienced in Singapore.

The science behind it

There has been a growing understanding on how Tongkat Ali actually works, thanks to the growing demand and interest in the herb. Several active compounds in Tongkat Ali have been identified by researchers to stimulate and increase testosterone levels.

Increasing testosterone levels have been found to be beneficial in treating ED for men with low testosterone levels.

A 2015 review of Tongkat Ali concluded that the herbal extract of Tongkat Ali may have clinical effect on erectile function. However, more studies are still required to further support current evidence.

A more recent study in 2021 also showed that daily consumption of Tongkat Ali combined with a 60-minute exercise 3 times a week brings the most improvement in ED, sexual satisfaction and desire in males with low testosterone levels.

However this result should be interpreted with caution as it has been established as well that exercising is beneficial for erectile function and more research is still required to understand the true benefits of Tongkat Ali for ED.

Since the 1990s, many years of research has been done into Tongkat Ali and there is a general consensus that it is safe to be consumed by adult men at a dose of 200-400mg daily.

What to look out for

When purchasing Tongkat Ali health products, we recommend a few checkpoints you can use to ensure the legitimacy of the product in this article.  

Of note, the root of the Tongkat Ali plant is found to be the most potent.

The best type of Tongkat Ali product is produced from a standardized root extract.

Standardised extracts refer to a type of herbal extraction process that ensures the bioactive components are produced in a specific and guaranteed amount for every batch of production. 

This ensures consumers receive the same level of quality, with the same concentration of bioactive components from every batch produced by the manufacturer.

This should also be clinically tested and lab tested on humans. This approach ensures each production batch has an equal amount of efficacy and potency that translates to optimal health benefits.

L-Arginine and L-Carnitine

L-arginine and L-carnitine are amino acids that help the body build protein.

They are also found in most protein-rich foods, including fish, red meat, poultry, soy, whole grains, beans and dairy products.

They act as vasodilators in the body, relaxing blood vessels – this may increase blood flow to the penis, improving erectile function.  

Low blood concentrations of L-arginine and L-carnitine in men have been found to have a link to ED.

A 2021 review found that taking L-arginine with medications such as sildenafil and tadalafil may work better than taking either L-arginine or the medication alone.

In the treatment of ED in diabetic men who did not respond well to sildenafil medication, the combination of carnitine and sildenafil appeared to improve ED compared to sildenafil alone.

More research still needs to be done to establish the role of L-arginine and L-carnitine in ED but preliminary studies have found it to be helpful when taken together with the PDE5 inhibitors like sildenafil.

Vitamin D

In recent years, there has been growing evidence showing that vitamin D is needed for an adequate erectile function.

Vitamin D is believed to improve ED symptoms by improving blood flow to the penis and supporting the production of testosterone. More research is still required to establish its role in ED.

Vitamin D is mainly produced in the skin when it is exposed to the UVB rays of the sun.

Interestingly, in the sunny island of Singapore – a 2010 National Health Survey found that 40% of Singaporeans were deficient in vitamin D.

To ensure adequate levels of vitamin D, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommends a diet containing foods rich in vitamin D, such as eggs and oily fish and at least 5-30 minutes of sun exposure at least twice a week.

It is important to note as well that more vitamin D is not always better as too much can result in the build-up of calcium in the blood resulting in formation of calcium stones.

 It is always advisable to check with a health professional before starting a vitamin D supplement.


Zinc is an essential mineral involved in almost all vital functions throughout the body – from the digestive to the immune and to our sexual reproductive systems. A high-protein diet will usually contain enough zinc.

ED has been found to be a symptom of zinc deficiency. Zinc has also been found to be essential to testosterone production.

It has been established that zinc deficiency is a cause of impotence and low testosterone levels.  

By regulating testosterone levels, zinc is believed to help in maintaining a healthy erectile function.

A note of caution as well – excessive high zinc intake can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, gastric distress, vomiting and loss of appetite. It is always advisable to consult a health professional before starting on a zinc supplement.

As with all supplements, it takes time to understand how your body reacts to it. We would recommend taking it regularly for a trial period of 1-3 months to assess whether you feel any real benefits.

We would also recommend checking with a doctor or pharmacist before starting any new supplements, especially if you have a history of medical conditions or are taking other medications.  

Here at SIRE, we believe in providing a safe platform for you to address your concerns about ED. There is no need to make a trip to shady makeshift stalls or second-guessing illegal sellers on legitimate online platforms.

Testosterone Supplement made in Singapore

SIRE Testosterone Support is proudly formulated and produced in Singapore, created by doctors and backed by science. We comply with the highest supplement standards as regulated by HSA.

Thankfully, SIRE also provides direct-to-home consultation and treatment. You won’t even need to leave your home. No more embarrassment, and focus on getting well.

At SIRE, we believe in taking a holistic approach to ED – we focus on a close collaboration between doctors and counselling. If a doctor or counsellor feels you need physical or mental health assistance, we can refer you in-house for further help.

In addition, our doctors can also provide a medication consultation to discuss the best ED medication that can help you reverse your ED and suit your lifestyle needs.

You can also try some simple tricks to cure your ED.

Be it a query about men’s supplements or even just to find out if you have a problem – we are here to help – book an appointment with us today.


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