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Whatever you are going through, you are not alone. Our licensed therapists help you regain control with personalised treatments tailored to your symptoms. Individual or couple sessions, 100% online.

Online professional therapy in privacy

We treat mental health seriously as we do your privacy. Every online counselling and treatment is doctor-trusted and evidence-based, delivered by trained psychologists and therapists.



Reach out when you need, and book an appointment at a time convenient for you.



Eliminate the commute and wait time of an in-person session and have your session at home.


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Receive personalised high-quality care at no extra cost with our flat fee rates.

An online approach to mind over body


“SIRE virtual therapy has made it easier to help men regain control over life in and beyond the bedroom.”


Chan Fun Shin

MSc (Counselling), PhD (Psychology) Candidate
Certified Sexulity Consultant (SSST, Taiwan)

Therapy is like finding a friend. Find yours on SIRE.

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Book an appointment at a time convenient for you and Check yourself in for 60 minutes session

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How does it work?

Explain your problems or concerns to our therapist who will guide you through healing or find a solution.

Our counselling services

Sex Therapy

Sex can be awkward to talk about, even to your partner. Let us handle the hard stuff. Attend it solo, or as a couple, get ready to unlock a new level.


Couple Therapy

Make love, not war. Empower your bedroom experience through effective communication. Rekindle the flame that first started it all.


Erectile dysfunction therapy

The biggest sex organ in our body is not our genitals, it is our brain. We offer mental training to bridge to gap between mind over erection.

Yes, studies have shown that effective results are more commonly seen when medications are combined with psychological therapy.Source


Premature ejaculation therapy

Making it last can become an anxious experience for some. Overthinking can affect your performance. With online therapy, learn to take a breathe, and regain control in the bedroom

Yes, there is evidence to support the effectiveness of psychological therapy in the treatment of PE. Source


Porn-induced ED Therapy

r/NoFap works. Yet sometimes, severe PIED is also a form of addiction. With SIRE online psychologist, open our mind to clinically validated therapies to help free your mind.

Sometimes symptoms are present and noticeable. A person may have a sex addiction if they show some or all of the following signs:

  • chronic, obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • compulsive relations with multiple partners, including strangers
  • lying to cover behaviours
  • preoccupation with having sex, even when it interferes with daily life, productivity, work performance, and so on
  • inability to stop or control the behaviours
  • putting oneself or others in danger due to sexual behavior
  • feeling remorse or guilt after sex
  • experiencing other negative personal or professional consequences

Addiction behaviours may have:

  • Sexual acts
  • Prostitution
  • Watching or consuming pornography
  • Masturbation or sexual fantasy
  • Exhibition or voyeurism
mental health

Mind over body

Health issues like sexual dysfunction or hair loss may be related to your state of mind.


Treat stress, burnout, anxiety, depression


100% confidential and online experience


Tailored treatment to your needs


Start improving yourself, or with your loved one.

Stepping forward is the biggest step to healing

Sharing your worries may seem unnatural to you. Our online therapy sessions will provide you with a safe and conducive environment to talk your heart out.

What to expect?


60 mins per session


Every individual is different, and it all depends on the progress you feel you’re making.


No one should force you to seek help. Begin at your own time and pace.


We offer both individual and couple’s therapy. As long as you feel safe and comfortable.


Our therapist will cater tools and exercises to you. Every day is an opportunity to train.


If you feel like your therapist is not a fit, you can ask for a recommendation for another.


You’re in good hands

“At SIRE, every session provides you with a safe, private and confidential place to express and explore your experiences, feelings and thoughts.

We believe that every person has the potential to live a meaningful and productive life through the appreciation of their unique strengths and actualizing potentials.”

Benefits of therapy with us



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Frequently Asked Questions


Multiple Studies have shown that online therapy sessions are as effective or even more effective than traditional in-person therapy and counselling.

Online therapy is not much different from in-person sessions, the therapist will still speak to you, this time via video call.

This makes it not only more convenient for you, but also allows for greater flexibility in scheduling a session – as you do not need to spend time commuting or waiting.

Studies have also shown that whether therapy is online or in-person, the outcomes are better the more sessions someone not miss the chance to live the life that you deserve and Book an appointment with Sire now!

There are many possible reasons for a person to seek therapy, but no matter what the reason is, it takes a courageous person to make that first step in wanting to be healthier.

Some turn to therapy because they are feeling down, anxious or overwhelmed. A life-defining situation, such as a death, divorce, new work environment or even new family members, may be cause for a session.

If you currently feel like your problems aren’t going away despite your best efforts, or if you have trouble concentrating on work, are filled with constant worry or a sense of helplessness, if you have trouble sleeping or staying awake, or if you turn to substance or alcohol abuse resulting in a change of mood and harming others around you, you may want to consider exploring therapy.

Ultimately, you decide if you want to proceed with an introductory therapy session. Simply complete a personalised mental health evaluation here.

At SIRE, We gave you 2 options

  1. A Full session (60 min) with a flat fee of $150
  2. A Trial session (20 min).with a flat fee of $50

Forever is a pretty long time. The number of sessions you attend really depends on the personal issues you are addressing and the goals that you want to set for yourself.

The recommended number of sessions is 6 to 12, with a frequency of once a week. However, it is best to speak with your therapist and come up with a schedule tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

There is no hard and fast rule for reaching your goals. Just remember to keep communication open with your therapist, even if it means needing to change to a better-suited therapist for your situation.

Sometimes things may seem worse before they get better. During your first few sessions, you may have to dig deep into emotions you may not have even realised were there. Exploring this side of you may be uncomfortable, or even scary, but it is a completely normal part of the process.

Experiencing difficult emotions is a good sign that you’re gaining access to the information within yourself. Your therapist is there to guide you toward your goals, and to ensure you are not overwhelmed by your feelings. With enough effort and work put into therapy, those difficult emotions may not pop up as often.

All the therapists we work with are carefully chosen to meet our high-quality standard and healthcare requirements with high qualifications and expertise.

Chan Fun Shin

Academic Qualifications
PhD(Psychology) Candidate (UKM, Malaysia)
Master in Counselling (HELP, Malaysia)
Bachelor of Psychology (UNISA, Australia)
Professional Certification
Certified Sexuality Consultant (SSST, Taiwan)
Certified Hypnotherapist (IACT, USA)
Professional Membership
Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (Member)

You’re in good hands

Once you have made contact or sign up with us, you will begin your journey with us in 2 easy steps:

  1. Answer some questions in the survey section
  2. Choose the time that suits you for the consultation session

Yes, in fact online therapy sessions were found to be 80% as or more effective than traditional in-person therapy and counseling. We care about your time, and the efficiency level of the therapy, that is why we want you to have the consultation while you are in a comfortable place.

Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Failure to do so will result in charges incurred for the session.

Coaching is a partnership where the coach works with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaching offers a broad and rich opportunity to support and aid in your life development. Should you require mental health support, it is advisable to seek counseling first.


You have other questions?

The coach works with you on your goals and aids in the development of solutions and accountability with artful questions.

Should you have clear goals and know where you need to be in order to be at your best?
Should you be feeling emotionally or mentally stuck?
With Sire Mental Wellness counseling we will help you achieve your goals, get off your concern, improve your mental wellness, and help you live the life that you deserve.

We will work together to:
• Ensure you understand why you are feeling this way.
• Equip you with tools that you can use to start feeling better.
• Reduce the amount of worrying and introspection you are doing.
• Resolve any practical problems that are causing you stress.
• Work on any relationship difficulties you may be having.
• Help you balance your thinking, so you are not plagued by negative thoughts.
• As you feel better, gradually introduce elements to your life that will protect you from becoming stressed, anxious or depressed again.

Most individuals seek counseling because they recognize that they need some help in being able to face a certain challenge or they find themselves stuck in a dilemma. You know you need help when you feel unhappy most of the time, you find it challenging getting along with people, especially your partner and/or your family members.

Medication can be effective in some cases. However, all medication comes with its side effects and adjustment period. Counselling and therapy allow you to get to the bottom of the problems you are experiencing and build habits to resolve any recurring issues. Working together with a therapist will help you achieve better results.

If you are concerned about your relationship, the therapist recommends working together with both of you initially. After that, if one of you requires individual support, we will discuss during the couple session the best way to move forward that would support a trusting relationship.

If that makes you happy, then we definitely will offer packages with discounted prices.

Yes. For therapy to be effective, it is important you feel safe with your therapist. So yes, we take your confidentiality very seriously. We will never reveal any information about you unless you want us to (e.g., to update your psychiatrist). Consent from you must be obtained before we could do so.

We want to be upfront with you. There are three specific situations where confidentiality does not apply:
– when you are of threat to yourself,
– when you are of threat to others, or
– when the court of law requires the information

Our main session is 60 minutes.

If you do not know if you have an issue, well Don’t worry,
we are the only company that gives you the option of a “Trial  Session” For 20 minutes.


People who work-from-home reported feeling stressed during Singapore’s COVID-19 pandemic.