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Oral minoxidil has received a lot of attention lately. The good news is that you can get oral minoxidil in Singapore, subject to a few requirements. Read on to learn how you can get it at SIRE.

Why is oral minoxidil so popular?

Minoxidil works for all kinds of hair regrowth. The mechanism is unclear, but it is believed that it stimulates hair growth by prolongation of anagen and increases hair follicle size. So it works for male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss and even facial hair regrowth.

Oral minoxidil has come front and centre after a New York Times article talked about it.

The key takeaway from that article is this paragraph,

“But there is a cheap treatment … costing pennies a day, that restores hair in many patients. It is minoxidil … prescribed in very low-dose pills.”

Using minoxidil in an oral form is not very common or known by doctors and oral minoxidil is also used as a second-line treatment.

Minoxidil’s original on-label use is to treat blood pressure issues. However, a side effect they found was that it helped regrow hair.

Hence, the company turned it into Regaine (Or Rogaine in some other countries) which is a topical version of minoxidil that went from prescription medication to over-the-counter medication.

But that doesn’t mean doctors cannot prescribe it. Through their discretion, doctors have the power to prescribe medication off-label and this includes SIRE’s doctors.

What advantages does oral minoxidil have over foam minoxidil?

Foam/lotion-based minoxidil has a big issue in Singapore – it really doesn’t work well with our hot and sweaty weather.

Putting a layer of foam or liquid minoxidil over your scalp is difficult enough. You have to apply it onto the scalp and not just anywhere on hair. Sweat also reduces the effectiveness as it washes away the minoxidil.

Furthermore, you have to apply it regularly for a good amount of time before you can see the results. It’s very difficult to keep to such a schedule and to maintain the motivation.

Finally, oral minoxidil has been said to perform better because topical minoxidil has to be made active by sulfotransferase enzymes that aren’t always enough on hair roots. However, taking it orally guarantees that it will be converted into an active form.

Oral minoxidil use in Singapore is off-label (and 100% legal)

Oral minoxidil is not approved to treat hair loss by its original manufacturer. As such, doctors have to prescribe it off-label.

Are you compatible with oral minoxidil?

There are two questions you need to ask yourself:

Is your hair loss a symptom of some underlying condition?

Hair loss can be a sign of underlying medical problems such as thyroid disease, nutrition deficiency or hormone imbalance. So speaking to a doctor before starting treatment is important.

Do you have low blood pressure or pre-existing health conditions?

Minoxidil for hair loss is usually a lower dose than blood pressure dose (standard 5mg-10mg for blood pressure). For hair loss, it ranges from 0.5mg to 5mg. Hence, the side effects are seldom noticeable.

If you have low blood pressure, this can complicate treatment and hence you always need to discuss this with a doctor.

Let’s fix your hair loss with SIRE

If you are keen on exploring hair loss treatments, including potentially using oral minoxidil, then let’s talk.At SIRE, we are committed to providing safe and convenient treatment for hair loss. You can begin your virtual consultation via

A tablet a day keeps the baldness at bay.

Consistent daily usage is key to help you slow down your hair loss.

Months 1-2

You may not be able to see any visible changes within the first 1-2 months of usage. Some people may shed more fine hairs than usual. This is completely temporary and normal.

Months 3-6

Your hair loss may have slowed or stopped. Take a photo every month to track your progress. Stay the course!

Months 7 and beyond

Hair loss might have considerably slowed down or stopped. Some people might even see signs of regrowth. Don’t stop now, keep going!

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hair loss doctor singapore

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