Introducing Cloud Clinic, SIRE and Dame:

SIRE is our First brand, a discreet and private digital clinic that provides accessible and affordable healthcare for men. We understand the importance of privacy when it comes to healthcare. SIRE offers remote diagnosis and treatment across various areas of care, and we’re proud to have assisted over 10,000 satisfied customers on their healthcare journeys, always prioritizing their privacy and comfort.

SIRE offers a range of discreet and confidential healthcare services tailored for men. These services include:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Hair Loss Solutions:
  3. Premature Ejaculation
  4. Performance Anxiety
  5. Testosterone Support:
  6. Weight Management
  7. Sleep Improvement
  8. Semen Analysis
  9. Mental Wellness

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Dame represents our discreet and confidential platform, passionately dedicated to empowering women on their sexual wellness and fertility journeys. We acknowledge the utmost importance of privacy in these personal matters. Dame provides a wide array of meticulously curated products and services aimed at enhancing sexual wellness and supporting fertility. We consistently prioritize our customers’ privacy and comfort.

Dame offers a range of health and wellness services tailored for women. These services include:

    1. Hair Loss for womens
    2. Birth Control 
    3. Emergency Contraception
    4. Period Delay
    5. Weight Management

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Our Mission

Leave the complexity of the healthcare to us. We are giving men the equal opportunity to make healthy life choices that are convenient and sustainable.

Our Story

Cloud Clinic was founded by Dr. Bosty Chan and Hazel Tan in 2020. As a husband-and-wife duo, they bring together more than 10 years of healthcare expertise. It was through their own work and personal experiences that inspired them to build Singapore’s first digital hospital, focused on delivering quality healthcare through innovation.

Sire was founded in 2021 as Cloud Clinic’s first digital department, focused on men’s health. It was first inspired by Dr Bosty’s experiences in the local Urology centres that lack the privacy and sensitivity required for men’s health. Applying digital innovation such as telemedicine, Sire has brought a new experience for men to seek health in a discreet and respectful environment.

Dame was launched in 2023, as a sister spin-off of Sire, focused on women’s health. Dame’s mission is to provide continuous care to empower women to take ownership of their own health, which includes intimate and sensitive healthcare.

Our Founders

Dr Bosty Chan, Hazel Tan

Dr Bosty Chan

A seasoned physician-entrepreneur, Dr Bosty is actively involved in Singapore’s startup scene. He remains active in the local medical scene, as he runs Lokuns, Singapore’s largest community of independent medical practitioners. Above that, he is dedicated to sharing his craft as a mentor for prospective healthcare students as a clinical advisor at

Dr Bosty completed his medical degree in the United Kingdom, University of Aberdeen. He returned to our sunny island in 2016 under a sponsorship by the Singapore Ministry of Health Holdings. He furthered his surgical education and obtained his Membership to the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 2017. Subsequently, his interest in Urology and men’s health led him to get his certification in men’s health (Singapore), and inspired the first e-commerce healthcare service, SIRE. In his freetime, Bosty can be found tinkering with electronics or challenging himself through video games.

Hazel Tan

Hazel graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences. She furthered her education in the University of Aberdeen, obtaining her Master’s in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Prior to Cloud Clinic, Hazel was in the healthcare research scene at National University of Singapore, National University Hospital and National Cancer Centre Singapore. Advocating for patients has been at the core of her mission at work and together with Cloud Clinic we can make it a reality. She previously founded, a memory life-casting project. She is active in the dog community with her white standard poodle and is an avid chorister

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As a doctor,
I was making a difference in people’s lives.
As an entrepreneur, I get to do that by 100-folds.

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