Performance Anxiety

Perhaps you are getting the jitters for some important meeting, interview or performance – Propranolol is a prescription medication that can help control the symptoms of performance anxiety. Keep calm and carry on.

We will ask some questions about your symptoms and health to see if treatment is right for you

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Performance anxiety
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Taken 30-60min before your stressful moment, beta-blockers work by reducing the symptoms of anxiety, breaking the vicious cycle of stage fright and allowing to focus.

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How to take control your moment

It is a natural response to be excited just before an important event. Beta-blockers work by preventing adrenaline to stimulate your beta receptors, which reduces your body’s physical reactions to anxiety. By reducing some of these physical reactions, propranolol can help you feel less anxious.

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What is Performance Anxiety?

We have all experienced stage fright before. It is a natural response, especially just before an important event that matters a lot. It could be a job interview, a first date or a performance. Being confident helps, but some times you just need a little bit more help to take control of the situation.


The anticipation of an important event may trigger a stress response internally. Your body produces adrenaline during a stressful moment. Adrenaline reacts on beta-receptors in your body, causing physical symptoms such as racing heartbeat, shaky voice, sweaty hand and dry mouth. These symptoms can in turn aggrevate your anxiety, creating a vicious cycle of stress.

Performance anxiety usually happens just before the stressful moment. Practicing hard and staying confident can help alleviate the anxiety. It is important to prevent the negative feelings from persisting, as it may cause you to be more anxious. In certain situation, medications can be prescribed to help reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety is part and parcel of life, we all experience it at some point of time.

However, if you are feeling anxious or easily anxious always, regardless of the situation, you should speak to your doctor or a mental health provider regarding your symptoms.

If you have more questions about Performance Anxiety and our treatment option, please check out our FAQ section!

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The percentage of people who have experienced performance anxiety during a staged performance