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HSA Singapore Issues Official Alert for Fercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy – Are You Familiar with These Products? These names may not ring a bell, but they should be of concern to every man in Singapore.

Welcome to Sire Digital Health Clinic, your trusted partner in men’s sexual health in Singapore. In this article, we delve into a critical issue that affects countless men in Singapore – the presence of dangerous products in the market that can harm your sexual health. 

The HSA Alert: A Wake-Up Call for Men in Singapore

The analysis conducted by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA Singapore) revealed that the products Fercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy are readily available on e-commerce platforms and contain harmful substances. Specifically, they were found to contain Sibutramine, a banned weight loss medicine, as well as sildenafil and tadalafil, both potent erectile dysfunction medicines

Fercy Dietary Supplement Product: A Weight Loss Danger

Fercy Dietary Supplement Product is a dietary supplement that claims to control hunger and aid in weight loss. However, it has been found to contain sibutramine, a banned weight loss medicine in Singapore since 2010. Sibutramine can pose serious health risks, including an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It’s crucial to avoid this product due to its potential dangers.

Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki: A Hidden Threat

Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki is marketed as an herbal medicine with “aphrodisiac” and “anti-impotence” effects. Unfortunately, this product contains sildenafil, a potent erectile dysfunction medicine. Using such products without medical supervision can lead to severe health issues, including heart problems and priapism (painful and prolonged erections).

Mentalk Candy: Sweetness with a Side of Risk

Mentalk Candy is packaged as a seemingly harmless candy containing ginseng and coffee. However, it has been discovered to contain very high levels of tadalafil, a potent erectile dysfunction medicine. The tadalafil levels in Mentalk Candy are up to 57 times higher than the prescribed daily dose, making it extremely unsafe for consumption. This candy also carries misleading labels that falsely suggest safety and quality.

Why Fercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy Are Harmful for Men?

Fercy Dietary Supplement Products,’ ‘Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki,’ and ‘Mentalk Candy’ are harmful to men due to their inclusion of dangerous ingredients. These products falsely advertise as solutions for weight loss and improved sexual performance while concealing the severe health risks associated with their components.

Well, Some of the ingredients used in these three products can have adverse effects on men’s health. 

But what exactly are these ingredients, and why should you be concerned? 

Unmasking the Ingredients 

These products claim to aid weight loss or boost sexual prowess, but in reality, they contain hidden dangers. ‘Fercy Dietary Supplement Product’ disguises sibutramine as a weight loss solution, while ‘Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki’ and ‘Mentalk Candy’ contain excessive levels of erectile dysfunction medicines.

List of potent ingredients found in Fercy Dietary Supplement Product,’ ‘Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki,’ and ‘Mentalk Candy

Product NameProduct ImagePotent Medicinal
Fercy Dietary
Supplement Product’
Fercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy - HSA Singapore Issues Warning Sibutramine
(banned substance);
Local e-commerce platforms
Tanduk Rusa Kuat LelakiFercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy - HSA Singapore Issues Warning Sildenafil
(potent erectile
dysfunction medicine)
Local e-commerce platforms;
Parcel post detained by
Immigration & Checkpoints
Authority (ICA)
Mentalk CandyFercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy - HSA Singapore Issues Warning

Fercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy - HSA Singapore Issues Warning

(potent erectile
dysfunction medicine)
Local e-commerce platforms;
Parcel post detained by ICA

Please refer to HSA’s Annex A of the pdf version for photos of the products and Annex B for more information on the medicinal ingredients found in these products.

HSA’s Advisory: Protecting Yourself from Harmful Products

  • Stop taking Fercy Dietary Supplement, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy immediately if you have them and consult a doctor if you feel unwell or concerned about your health.
  • Do not buy products from unknown or unverifiable sources, especially when purchasing online or from overseas. The origin and quality of such products can be uncertain, and they might be adulterated with harmful ingredients.
  • Adulterated products are often manufactured under poor conditions without quality control measures. Even products that appear well-packaged and labelled as certified can be deceptive.
  • Unscrupulous manufacturers use these tactics to falsely portray products as safe when, in reality, they contain potent ingredients that can seriously harm your health.
  • If you choose to buy online, opt for reputable pharmacies or retailers’ websites with established retail presence in Singapore. Your safety is paramount, and trusted sources

The Health Consequences

HSA Singapore conducted an analysis and issued a warning regarding the presence of potent ingredients in Fercy Dietary Supplement Product, Tanduk Rusa Kuat Lelaki, and Mentalk Candy. Intake of these substances has the potential to cause heart issues and central nervous system complications among other health risks.
Would you still consider jeopardising your well-being by using these products?

Navigating Sexual Health Responsibly

The HSA findings may cause concern for many, but it’s essential to navigate your sexual health journey responsibly.

Should you trust online sources without verification?

Absolutely not. Relying on trusted sources guarantees you authentic treatments and avoids risks associated with unverified products. Remember, a small misstep could lead to severe consequences.

Why not choose a path that ensures safety?

How Can Sire Help You?

Here at Sire, we prioritise your health and well-being. Avoid the trap of misleading supplements and turn to Sire for genuine guidance on erectile dysfunction and other men’s health issues. Our dedicated team offers solutions grounded in medical science, ensuring safety and efficacy.

  • Expert Consultations: Our team of experienced healthcare professionals specialises in men’s sexual health. We provide personalised consultations to address your concerns, answer your questions, and create a tailored plan for your well-being.
  • Safe and Approved Treatments: We offer a range of treatments approved by health authorities in Singapore to help you overcome erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues safely and effectively.
  • Educational Resources: We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge. We provide educational materials and guidance to ensure you understand your condition and treatment options fully.


Your sexual health is too precious to risk with unverified products. HSA Singapore’s alert serves as a reminder of the importance of product safety and consumer awareness. If you have used any of these products or have concerns about their effects on your health, it is advisable to seek medical advice promptly.

Let Sire be your partner in navigating the complex world of men’s health, ensuring you stay informed, safe, and healthy.

Remember, you have a trusted partner in Sire when it comes to responsible sexual health. Don’t let dangerous products jeopardise your vitality; choose Sire for a healthier and happier you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where can I learn more about these HSA findings?

Visit the official HSA announcement for detailed information.

Q: What are the dangers of sibutramine in weight loss products?

Sibutramine can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other serious health issues.

Q: Why is sildenafil dangerous when not used under medical supervision?

Improper use of sildenafil can lead to adverse effects like heart problems and irregular heart rate.

Q: What are the risks of excessive tadalafil consumption?

Excessive tadalafil can cause severe side effects, including priapism (painful erections) and headaches.

Q: How can Sire help with erectile dysfunction?

Sire offers safe and effective treatments for erectile dysfunction, personalised to your needs.

Q: What should I do if I’ve used these products?

Stop using them immediately, seek medical advice, and consider a consultation with Sire.

Q: Are all erectile dysfunction products unsafe?

No, only unverified and adulterated products pose risks. Always rely on trusted sources like Sire.

Q: How can I book a consultation with Sire Digital Health Clinic?

Booking a consultation with Sire is easy. Simply visit our website and follow the simple steps to book an appointment with our experienced healthcare professionals.

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Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

erectile dysfunction clinic singapore

Getting ED treatment is easy with telemedicine.

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