How to collect a semen sample from home

Sire Home-based Semen Analysis Procedure


How to get a good semen analysis collection?


Abstain from any ejaculation for 2-5 days, but no more than 7 days, before collecting the sample. Abstinence beyond 7 days might reduce the sperm quality.

Avoid alcohol at least 24 hour before

Have your specimen produced no more than 15 minutes before the allotted time

(Example: For appointment at 0900H, the specimens should be produced between 0845-0900H)


Step 1: Book an appointment

WhatsApp our clinic +65 8893 0864 to book a pick-up appointment.

Our home-kit will be sent to you before the appointment.


Step 2: Preparation

Provide yourself with ample time to produce the specimen

Ensure your personal particulars on the container are correct.

Take a shower and start clean. Wash and rinse your private area with soap and water


Step 3: Producing a sample

You need to be a purist. Do not use any condoms or lubricant (ie Saliva, Soap)

Masturbate to produce the sample. Fluids from intercourse may contaminate the specimen.

Ejaculate directly into the provided container and seal the lid immediately


Step 4: Transportation

Ensure the lid is sealed tight. Place it in the black ziplock bag provided.

Update our team at +65 8893 0864 when the specimen is ready. Our courier will come to your doorstep shortly.



Common questions:


Why can’t I use grab-express?


For a specimen’s quality to be retained, it needs to be transported at a regulated temperature (20°C – 36°C) and delivered within 1 hour. Our specialized couriers are dedicated to ensuring that your specimen reaches the lab timely and safely.


Pricing for semen analysis

Home-base semen analysis: $119

The report will be sent to your email. Prices includes one teleconsultation after the results.

Delivery Fees

Weekday pick-up: Fees included

Weekend pick-up surcharge: $17.90 (Saturday) | $27.90 (Sunday)

**We only do semen analysis within Singapore