Men’s Wellness Screening


The Standard Male Wellness Panel is a collection of tests used to assess male health. These tests help healthcare providers evaluate the state of health of certain bodily systems, including the thyroid, circulatory system, and metabolism to check for early signs of health conditions like diabetes.

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Men’s Wellness Essential Advance
Full blood count Y Y
Lipid profile Y Y
Kidney profile Y Y
Liver profile Y Y
Diabetic screen – Glucose, HbA1C Y Y
Urinalysis Y Y
Tumour marker – PSA (Prostate) Y
Tumour marker – AFP (Liver) Y
Tumour marker – CEA (Colon) Y
Tumour marker – CA19.9 (Pancreas) Y
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Requires fasting (at least 6 hours). For accuracy, to be done before 10am


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