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comparison between Candy B and Viagra
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You may have heard of Tongkat Ali, but have you heard of Candy B? Candy B is a popular street choice which promises a boost in sexual performance. As harmless as its name may sound, consumers may unintendedly be putting their health at risk. Here we explore if Candy B truly works for stronger erections and the risk involved.

If you are looking for a safe way to obtain Viagra in Singapore, check out our guide on buying Viagra without killing yourself.

Is Candy B real?

Candy B is a popular “health supplement” that claims to treat erectile dysfunction effectively and enhance sexual performance and endurance timing through all-natural herbs.

It is sold under different brands online and claimed to be a pure herbal treatment of erectile dysfunction.

At first glance, these products give the impression of legitimacy.

Its packaging may look like any other health supplement. Sleek. Sealed tight. 

Singapore Candy B Complex Superfood Fountain of Youth

A common Candy B packaging widely available online

A shiny label would usually state that they are compliant to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification.

And when you flip to the back, it would state that it contains “Superfood” ingredients such as Tongkat ali extract, sky fruit extract, and maca powder.

A quick google search of “Candy B” would show that it is fairly easy to source for it online. 

This must mean that it must be popular and actually work, right? There might actually be some truth in this, but read on to find out why.

Candy B could actually help erectile dysfunction

Various Candy B preparations sold online contain herbal aphrodisiac ingredients.

One common ingredient is Tongkat ali.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is a flowering plant native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

It has been used traditionally as a symbol of male strength and sexual prowess as it increases male virility and sexual performance.

Chemical extracts of this plant have been scientifically studied on rats in various researches, which showed evidence of pro androgenic (male enhancing) effects. These studies actually concluded that Tongkat Ali extract is truly an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.

tongkat ali longifolia tree in Singapore

Tongkat Ali Tree in Singapore (Photo credit: Alex Yee)

Another traditional medicinal aphrodisiac plant extract found in this supplement is Maca (Lepidium meyenii).

Several studies have indicated that oral administration of Maca extract improves sexual performance parameters significantly as compared to placebo.

maca root

Maca root is used in complementary medicine for various health benefits (Credit: MedicalNewsToday)

These herbal extracts have long been used in traditional medicine for sexual performance and have been effective too, as supported by scientific studies. 

Still, there is insufficient data available on the safety profile of these homeopathic remedies for achieving harder erections. 

There are no long-term studies on the human population to support safe usage of tongkat ali or maca extract.

And with the lack of understanding of its side effects and dosages, it cannot be recommended for regular treatment of conditions like erectile dysfunction.

When Candy B becomes dangerous

In 2020, Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers from Air Cargo Command suspected and seized 15 parcel boxes named ‘Candy B+ Coffee Extra Power’.

On it, the product was labeled as a “superfood” and “fountain of youth”. And extended its claim to contain pure herbal products for enhancing sexual performance.

Candy B + coffee

“Coffee Powder” is one of Candy B variations

When the Health Science Authority (HSA) investigated and performed chemical analysis on the Candy B variant, it was revealed to contain a chemical called tadalafil.

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in the drug called Cialis. It is commonly used by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction.

However, the HSA found that the Candy B seized at the Singapore customs contained 50 times the usual dose of tadalafil!

This was not the only case. In 2017, the Interpol International Operation by the name ‘Candy B+ Complex’. Similarly, it was found to be adulterated with tadalafil.

Tainted Candy B would definitely help you achieve a harder erection, since it contains tadalafil.

However, with dosages these high and uncontrolled, consumers are putting their lives at risk, as it could cause a heart attack or stroke.

How is Candy B different from Viagra

Viagra, along with medications like tadalafil, belong to a group of medications called PDE5 inhibitors.

These medications are well researched and scientifically proven medication for erectile dysfunction and enhancing sexual performance.

Their dosages and side effects are well documented, and are listed as FDA-approved medication for erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, when consuming herbal products like Candy B, you are leaving it to chance.

Its herbal ingredients like tongkat ali are unpredicted due to these varying concentrations and the lack of strict regulations on such products.

And of course, if you get an adulterated version, you might get an erection at the expense of your health.

Don’t die cock stand: How to stay safe

We get it. It can be difficult to talk about erectile dysfunction.

But unlike the past, it is now possible to seek professional help without having to be embarrassed in the waiting room or by the receptionist.

There are digital solutions like Sire that provide discreet men’s healthcare in the comfort of your home.

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Such services help you consult with a licensed healthcare professional in Singapore. This way, you can discuss your issues with a doctor and obtain legitimate medical treatment.

  • Do not buy health products from unfamiliar sources. Always consult a certified medical practitioner.
  • If you are using Candy B or its related products, stop immediately and consult your doctor if you are having any side effects.
  • Be suspicious of any product claiming exaggerated responses. Check for reviews from legitimate sources.
  • Do not get deceived by logos or certification. They may not be real.
  • HSA publishes a list of illegal health products.

Just remember, there are safer ways to enjoy sex. Make sure you live long enough to enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Candy B?

Candy B is a product that has been marketed as a sexual enhancement supplement. It is often promoted as a natural alternative to prescription medications for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra.

Q: Does Candy B work like Viagra?

While Candy B is sometimes marketed as a natural alternative to Viagra, it’s important to note that the effectiveness and safety of Candy B have not been rigorously studied or proven. Unlike Viagra, which is a prescription medication with a known mechanism of action, the specific ingredients and mechanisms of Candy B may not be well-established.

Q: Is Candy B approved by health authorities for treating erectile dysfunction?

Candy B is not an approved or regulated medicinal product for treating erectile dysfunction. The lack of regulatory oversight means that its safety, efficacy, and quality are not guaranteed.

Q: Are there potential risks associated with using Candy B?

Using unregulated or unapproved products like Candy B carries potential risks. These may include adverse reactions, interactions with other medications, and uncertainty about the actual ingredients and their effects.

Q: Can I rely on Candy B as a treatment for erectile dysfunction?

It is not advisable to rely on unregulated products like Candy B for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Prescription medications like Viagra have undergone rigorous testing and are prescribed by healthcare providers based on individual medical assessments.

Q: What should I do if I have concerns about erectile dysfunction?

If you have concerns about erectile dysfunction, it’s recommended to consult a healthcare provider. They can provide a proper evaluation, discuss treatment options (which may include prescription medications if appropriate), and address any underlying health issues.

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Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

Sire is part of the MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers.

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Getting ED treatment is easy with telemedicine.


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