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San Ti Niu Bian (三 体 牛 鞭) is also known as Santi Scalper Penis Erection Capsule is a male enhancement product that is illegal in Singapore.

It promises to help you solve your erectile dysfunction.

However, it doesn’t tell you how. In fact, while the box of San Ti Niu Bian tells you that it uses traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and animal organs, it might be spiked with drugs that it has not declared.

That’s the problem.

San Ti Niu Bian’s many names

Translation is often flawed so the best thing to do is to identify the products using its Chinese name:

  • 三体牛鞭 (Simplified Chinese)
  • 三體牛鞭 (Traditional Chinese)

In English, it’s sometimes known as:

  • Santi Scalper Penis Erection Capsule
  • Santi Bovine Penis Erecting Capsule

Literally translated, the first two characters, 三体, refer to the company which produces it – Anhui Santi Medical & Health Products. Anhui is a province in China.

The final two characters, 牛鞭, refer to bull penis, because traditional Chinese beliefs have it that eating animal organs can help recuperate a human’s organs. In this case, eating animal penises promise to reverse erectile dysfunction.

It’s also said that drinking bull testis soup can help improve testosterone levels and sperm counts, but research has yet to validate those claims.

In fact, there are many more beliefs that Asian people have, which we explore in this article.

Is it illegal in Singapore?

That’s correct. San Ti Niu Bian is illegal in Singapore, along with other illegal sex drugs such as Power 1 Walnut, Zhong Hua Niu Bian (中华牛鞭, another bull penis product).

These drugs have been illegal since at least 2008. San Ti Niu Bian is also illegal in China where there was a big bust of a factory making these pills in 2015. However, the supply chain for these illegal sex pills continues till this day.

These products come into Singaporeans’ hands through friends and illegal black markets in Geylang.

What are in these sex enhancement pills?

The risk when using San Ti Niu Bian is due to the pills being spiked with undeclared drugs.

If you look at the side of the boxes or bottles of San Ti Niu Bian, you will see traditional Chinese medicine ingredients such as cattle penis, pilose antlers and ginseng. However, there’s more to it. 

In both American sources and news from China, there have been reports of manufacturers adding sildenafil (Viagra’s active ingredient) to the formulation of San Ti Niu Bian. 

For example, the US’s Food and Drug Administration has put out a bulletin saying that San Ti Niu Bian about their findings after a laboratory analysis, which confirmed that San Ti Niu Bian has sildenafil.

A Chinese source also confirms this, but the plot thickens.

Sina News, in an article called “Father-son business illegally added Viagra to make San Ti Niu Bian, sells over 14 million online”, says that four suspects sold illegal drugs under the San Ti Niu Bian name. The manufacturers were arrested in 2015 but not before they produced more than 200,000 pills and more than 14 million tablets.

The father’s name is Huo Mou and his son’s name is Huo Moudong. 

Hou Moudong joined his father’s company in 2012, selling only tea-based health products, but over time he noticed that selling the San Ti Niu Bian was much more profitable, and so he started selling San Ti Niu Bian.

“When I took over, my father told me that San Ti Niu Bian was an illegal product and had not been registered by the relevant government departments. However, I continued with sales in this area when I saw that it was profitable,” Hou Moudong told Sina News.

At that time, the only drug that could contain sildenafil was Viagra. Hou Moudong managed to get access to sildenafil because he worked in a factory that specializes in the production of sexual health products.

In addition to that, The Straits Times also mentioned the presence of Glibenclamide, which is used to treat diabetes. San Ti Niu Bian, among other drugs, contained dangerous levels of it.

So, if the police have busted an illegal manufacturer of San Ti Niu Bian, how is there still a source for it today?

The Straits Times quotes a consultant doctor at SGH saying that trying to trace the drugs to the original manufacturer did not lead anywhere because manufacturers can be fictitious.

What are the risks?

It’s the same story over and over again with products that don’t come from a doctor.

The Health Sciences Authority stated that taking these medications can cause “adverse reactions” such as falling into a coma and low blood sugar levels.

And a few hundred people have fallen ill to these pills and a proportion have died as a result, with serious spikes in 2008, 2009 and 2014.

The Straits Times noted that a 97-year-old man obtained four pink tablets, took a pill at lunch and was found unconscious by his son. He was diagnosed with life-threateningly low levels of blood sugar.

Another 49-year-old man was hospitalised three times. He was found unconscious for the first two times.

Do you know what’s in your health supplement?

In addition to sildenafil and Glibenclamide found in San Ti Niu Bian, active ingredients like tadalafil, which is also found in the ED medication Cialis, may also be found in such counterfeit products.

For example, Candy B is a health supplement that promises to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance. In its unadulterated form, it is a perfectly legal herbal candy. But the HSA seized a shipment of Candy B+ Coffee Extra Power that contained undeclared tadalafil. 

But do you see a pattern here?

What we can learn from Candy B and San Ti Niu Bian is that health supplements that promise medical-grade results can end up laced with active ingredients that should only come with a doctor’s prescription.

Why not just go straight to a doctor?

Anyway, we have compiled a list of health products that the HSA has deemed illegal. Before you buy any health supplement, make sure it’s not prohibited (and dangerous).

There’s no need to do it illegally because SIRE can help

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

The main draw of these drugs like San Ti Niu Bian is its low price and the fact that you can buy it anonymously from a street peddler in Geylang.

But you might also end up in hospital and have to declare to the attending doctor and your family members, face to face, that you took illegal male enhancement sex pills. 

At SIRE, we have heard your concerns and so we have a system that will ensure legal, high quality medication delivered to your door within three days in a discreet package.

We provide branded Viagra as well as their much more affordable generic counterpart, sildenafil. We also have other erectile dysfunction pills that have a longer action period or a shorter time-to-effect.

And unlike the fly-by-night dealers of San Ti Niu Bian, you can always set up a subscription with us so you will always get a consistent supply of erectile dysfunction medication.

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